The Public Lecture will explore topics such as filmmaking, fiction and documentary, as well as how to find the right lab for your future works.
Speakers will share their experience working in the international film industry and their encounters with Asian and Indonesian film industry.

August 23, 2019
Ashley Jakarta Wahid Hasyim
Jl. Wahid Hasyim no. 73-75
Gondangdia, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10350

FREE–Limited Seats

Labs, Markets & Festivals–a panorama
by Matthieu Darras
This lecture is about getting a sense of the most interesting initiatives existing around, and also evaluating which ones make sense or not for Indonesian filmmakers.
Film students and buddy filmmakers often hear about the many film labs, markets and festivals around, where to develop and/or to promote their films, but are often lost with an overflow of non-hierarchized information. This lecture is about getting a sense of the most interesting initiatives existing around, and also evaluating which ones make sense or not for Indonesian filmmakers.

Developing original content
by Ayman El-Amir
What is the meaning of ‘original’ after more than a century of telling stories for screen? It is about telling a story that unearths a universally human experience but wraps itself inside a unique, culture-specific world. Moreover, a story is not only what you have to say but how you say it. This lecture will question the term ‘originality’ and will explore ways, approaches and examples to develop original content for big screen.

A Scene Inside
by Marcelo Martinessi
Most script discussions tend to approach a film via its structure, turning points and the way the story moves forward. At this conversation about the film ‘The Heiresses’ we’ll avoid the question about ‘What happens next’ and will look closely at ‘What’s happening now’ in specific scenes.
Who are the key characters? What's their relationship with each other (including class, religion, power, etc.) and how is this portrayed? Is there a coherence between what they say and what they really want? How do they show or hide their intentions?  What’s the difference between the way they come in and out of the scene? What happens besides the plot that enriches the experience of understanding the cultural world we're into? Does the way the scene is framed help in understanding the world of the characters? What is the role of the sound?

Editors and Directors – a complicated relationship
by Sebastian Winkels
Life in an editing room sometimes resembles a marriage. Piecing together a documentary is a daring, long and highly personal challenge, which is equally tricky for directors and editors. Communication, trust, honesty, boldness and intuition take part in an existential psychological play. How to best walk into such an important working relationship, in order to get the best artistic result and yet to stay on speaking terms once the film is on screen? I share about what both sides might need as I work in both fields.

Being a Creative Producer
by Tatiana Leite
Producing is much more than raising money, putting deals together and principal talents. I’ve learned since the beginning, especially after attending labs such as Rotterdam, EAVE Puentes, and different co-production platforms, that the most complete way to be a producer is conceiving the project together with the filmmakers.
A creative producer takes a concept, adds value to it (or even can start with a concept!) and makes it a reality. This process involves everything from generating ideas and assembling the right team to bring the project through to the final stages of production.  A creative producer should know about the different aspects of the production process and how to make things happen, but also about cinema content itself and about relationships & trust, especially with the filmmakers.

How to Co-produce Between Indonesia and Europe?
by Didar Domehri
Learn about the key rules to follow in order for a co-production to work, but also get to know the latest trends, main mechanisms and sources of financing in Europe, opportunities & difficulties when it comes to working together with European partners.